About www.how-to-lose-weight-fast.co.uk

The person behind this site is me, Linda, a 35-year-old mum living in Stockholm, Sweden. I have been trying to lose weight on and off for many years.

After researching and trying different diets for several years I have now gathered my knowledge and experiences together on this site to help others learn more about what works and what does not – it can be rather difficult to find hard facts between all the diet pills ads and fad diets in magazines.

I’m very interested in how the metabolism works and how it is connected to different diets and food. A few years ago I decided to start a website to share these experiences on the internet and together with my husband Marek we started this site. I hope you’ll find the information here helpful, but please email me comments or suggestions of improvements – the site is here for you and we will continue to make it better with your help!

Get in touch and I’ll try and answer as soon as I can!



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