Affiliate disclosure

The owners of this site ( may receive compensation for the recommendations made regarding some of the products or services on this website. I want to make clear that I am an affiliate for several of the companies and products discussed on this site.
However, when I state that a product seems good or bad, I do it since that is my honest opinion, and when you click a sponsored link the compensation I may receive will provide me funds to continue to do thorough research and offer the best reviews and product descriptions that I am capable of, and do it at no cost for you, the user of this site.

If I don’t like a product I will not try to make you buy it, and if you chose to do so please perform due diligence before buying any goods or services.

The compensation that I receive may be in the form of money, services or products and could exist without any action from a visitor to this website. If you do purchase a product or service that was recommended by, please understand that some form of compensation may have been made to the owner of

The compensation that we receive will go towards the development and upkeep of so that it can remain a free resource.

This Affiliate Disclosure has been provided for your protection and to fully disclose any relationship between any product or service recommendations on and the owners of these products or services.

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