Boost your fat burning processes – lose weight

For your body to keep alive and function normally, it needs energy. Energy that comes from food is measured in calories. Every day, the body spends a certain amount of energy just by being alive – making sure the brain can think, the muscles move, and the body temperature being adequate. This is called “metabolism”, and means the fat burning processes in your body. On top of that, the body spends energy when you move, exercise and do things apart from laying in bed.

How do I lose weight through fat burning?

The basic idea is behind this way to lose weight is that by increasing your body’s metabolism, it will burn more fat and spend more energy each day. If you keep eating the same amount of calories but spend more than you did before, then the body will compensate by using your fat reserves and you will lose weight.

A good choice if you…

  • You want to lose weight without changing your habits too much
  • You are often cold or feel sleepy
  • You like to exercise

How to burn more fat

You can increase the fat burning processes in your body by:

1. Diet Plans

It has been shown that the metabolism can be affected by the food you eat. Some foods make the body temperature increase so you burn more calories. At the same time your energy level rises, so that you can work or exercise more.

Some diets that focus on fat burning and increasing the metabolism are the ABS-diet, the 3-hour diet, the 3-day diet and the 6-day diet.

Read more about diet plans.

2. Food supplements

There are many food supplements that claim to increase the metabolism. They contain herbal extracts, such as green tea, chilli pepper, Wakame, ginseng and Guarana. Most of these substances work and will increase your fat burning processes by 4-20%, which could be very helpful when trying to lose weight.

3. Diet pills

There are many diet pills that help you burn fat by boosting the metabolism. Often several fat burning ingredients are combined into a “super cocktail” where the different ingredients enhance each others’ effects.

You can increase the metabolism a lot by taking pills with extract from Citrus Aurantium, also known as Synephrine. Its effects on the body are similar to those of adrenaline, putting the body into a condition of stress where the metabolism increases a lot while appetite is suppressed. Unfortunately Synephrine has some potential side-effects that can be quite serious, so it needs to be used with caution.

Fat burning diet pills can be divided into three categories: those that are Gentle (without synephrine), those that are Super strong (containing synephrine) and those with a Long-term effect, that increase the metabolism permanently.

Some examples:
Gentle fat burning diet pills: Lepigen X-strong and H.O.P.E

Super strong diet pills with Synephrine: Lepigen Superstrong

Diet pills with a long-term effect: Termoloss and Zenjaki (not sold in the UK at the moment) These “long term pills” contain Wakame, a Japanese seaweed that slowly transforms the way that the body produces heat. It has been shown that the metabolism can be increased by up to 20%, meaning that the body burns considerably more calories which leads to weight loss.

4. Exercise

A common tip you get when looking for a not so easy way to lose weight is “go to the gym!”. It’s is a fact that by exercising and activating the body you will increase the amount of calories that your body spends. That’s why it’s logical to believe that this will help you lose weight.

Unfortunately this is not entirely true – you don’t lose weight by exercising, unless you diet and decrease your calorie intake at the same time! Scientific studies (see source) have shown that when your body is forced to increase its physical activity it reacts by demanding more calories. Simply put, working out will make your more hungry! If you start exercising but continue eating until you are full like you are used to, you won’t lose any weight!

If you want to lose weight by exercising you will need to eat as much as you did before or less. Not more – even if your body craves it.

On the other hand, exercise often has other positive “side-effects”, such as fewer cravings for sugar and fat, which helps you to keep to a healthy diet. By eating healthier in general, with more vegetables and less sugar, you’ll in fact eat fewer calories but still feel full after a meal.

If you body build and gain more muscles, then another positive side-effect will be that bigger muscles need more energy, even when you are not exercising.

5. Ketosis

If you eat almost no carbohydrates, the body will change its metabolism from using carbohydrates as fuel and instead switch into “fat burning mode”, called ketosis, which is a very effective way to lose weight. When in ketosis the metabolism increases, so more calories are burned, while fat storage is decreased. Many diets use ketosis for weight loss, for example the Atkins diet and LCHF (Low Carb High Fat). Read more about ketosis here.

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