Detox your body – lose weight

What is detox?

The idea behind detox is that our modern lifestyle leads to unhealthy substances getting accumulated in the body. A detox course cleanses the body from toxins, gives it a fresh new-start and makes sure all the internal organs are in great condition.

Unhealthy food, stress, alcohol and chemicals from food production cause these waste products which give health problems and extra fat around your waist. By detoxing the body at regular intervals you give the body a chance to recover.

What’s the connection between detox and weight loss?

The main reason to follow a detox diet plan is to cleanse the body, not to lose weight. However, it usually leads to losing a few kilos since you eat healthy during the detox, and the waste products gathered in the body will disappear. Eating healthy in this case means eating food that is natural, preferably vegetarian and full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

You could lose a few kilos, especially around the waist, and even more if you combine detox with colon cleansing. These kilos can however come back between detoxes as new waste products accumulate.

It’s a common misconception that detox is an effective way to lose weight. Detox may be good for the body in different ways, but if your main focus is to lose a lot of weight it’s better to take a different approach and cut down on carbohydrates, calories, or increase the fat burning processes in your body.

Detox is a good choice if you…

  • Have never tried detox before and want to cleanse your body
  • Have enjoyed the “good life” a bit too much and want to give the body a cleansing detoxification
  • Don’t have losing weight as your main objective, but instead focus on the well-being of your body

How do I detox?

There are several ways to detox:

1. Detox diets

Detox diets usually last for 7 to 21 days, with strict instructions on what to eat and avoid. Detox is similar to fasting, but when you fast you only drink liquids and soups whereas in detox you can also eat solid food. Both cleanse the body.

All detox diets are different, but as a common theme you avoid alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, salt, sugar, transfats, white flour and food additives. You eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, drink water and eat food that is as vegetarian and organic as possible. Yoga, meditation, saunas and getting at least eight hours sleep per night are encouraged.

2. Food supplements that help the detox process

In stores you can buy detox packages with teas, vitamins or herbal mixes that help the body to detox. Here are a few examples:

30 days, a diet pill that focuses on weight loss through detox.
Detox foot spas, body wraps, detox programmes and colon cleansers

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