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30 days works on the principle of detoxing, and contains a herbal mixture that reduces the amount of fat around the waist and belly by cleansing the intestines, liver and kidneys as well as boosting the immune system.

Here you’ll find frequently asked questions & answers about 30 days: how they differ from other ways to lose weight, and their pros & cons.

30 days diet pills are not sold in the UK. Instead, check out other popular diet pills, such as Proactol, DEcarb or Hoodia Patch

Frequently asked questions about 30 days

30 days is a pill used to detox the body. It contains beta-glucans and six different herbs: artichoke, liquorice root, dandelion, milk thistle, rose root and schisandra. The six herbs cleanse the stomach, intestines, liver and kidneys so that waste products flushes out of the body. Together with the beta-glucans, the herbs stimulate a protein found in abdominal fat making the metabolism increase specifically in the belly area.

A cleaner gastrointestinal tract gives you a healthy intestinal flora making you healthier, more alert and slimmer. In addition, the beta-glucans should reduce stress on the body by up to 50% which will contribute to weight loss.

Beta-glucans really do improve the immune system, however it seems strange that they, in combination with six common herbs, would make you slimmer around the waist. However, the manufacturer Med-Eq in Norway have actually made a scientific study showing that a majority of the test group in 30 days lost two sizes around their waist (4-5 cm) compared to the placebo group, so it seems to work. According to reviews on online forums it seems to work so-so – some lost 3-4 kilos and some didn’t get an effect at all.
The 30 days diet pill is currently not sold in the UK. Check out other popular diet pills, such as Proactol, DEcarb or Hoodia Patch.
30 days detoxes the body, meaning that it cleanses it from waste products and kick-starts the immune system. The pill is more of a food supplement than a diet pill. It makes the body feel better and cleanses the system which makes a few kilos disappear. There are however different kinds of diet pills.

Popular pills increasing the fat burning processes are
– the more gentle: Lepigen X-strong and H.O.P.E,
– the more powerful (containing synephrine): Lepigen Superstrong,
– and the more long-term (containing wakame): Termoloss and Zenjaki (not sold in the UK at the moment).

There are also diet pills that block fat, or at least ensure the body cannot use all of it. These are: Proactol, Lipobind and H.O.P.E.

The third type of pills lower the Glycemic Index of the food. These are: DEcarb.

There are also diet pills (and patches) that suppress appetite, Hoodia Patch (Evolution), as well as those transforming fat into muscle, Evolution CLA.

The last type of diet pills cleanse the body through detox, and in that group we have 30 days.

There hasn’t been that much research on 30 days, but if we look at the active substances in the pill they have not shown to have any side-effects. On online forums some write they’ve had some stomach problems and it’s said you shouldn’t combine 30 days with the medicine Lexavin. You shouldn’t take 30 days if you’re oversensitive to yeast as this could lead to stomach problems.
Yes, according to the manufacturer it’s ok to crush or divide the 30 days diet pills.
There are no specific rules, but the manufacturer encourages exercise, healthy eating and avoiding starch and sugar.

You should however take a multivitamin pill every night to make sure you get all the vitamins needed and reduce the risk of food deficiencies.

You should take two pills in the morning and two pills in the evening.

Note that this information could change – make sure that you have read the latest dosage information on the package before you start with this diet pill.

People sensitive to yeast shouldn’t take 30 days since yeast is used in the manufacturing process.

If you’re under the age of 18 you shouldn’t use 30 days.

Other than that there are no special recommendations, but children and pregnant women should always be careful with food supplements. If you are breast-feeding there should be no problem using the 30 days diet pill.

To exercise is always good, but it’s not necessary for 30 days to work.
Yes, you can use 30 days while breast-feeding.

  1. There are no “newly discovered” substances in 30 days that may be harmfull.
  2. You don’t have to change your lifestyle, neither diet nor exercise. Since you can continue to eat normally, you won’t get the side-effects which might occur with more demanding diets, such as dizziness, nausea and headache.
  3. It is also very easy to follow – you only need to take a pill.

  1. To live in a healthy way, eat well and exercise is something you should try and achieve, not only to lose weight quickly. The disadvantage of a diet pill, such as 30 days, is that it’s a short cut and you lose the positive “side-effects” you get from a more demanding way of losing weight, such as a healthier lifestyle.
  2. There’s a risk you’ll only get a small weight loss for your money since it cleanses the body of waste products; if you already are healthy and don’t have a lot of waste products in your body, there will be only a little weight loss – if any.

No, people sensitive to yeast shouldn’t take 30 days since yeast is used in the manufacturing process.
The 30 days diet pill is currently not sold in the UK. Check out other popular diet pills, such as Proactol, DEcarb or Hoodia Patch.
The manufacturer Med-Eq recommends that you reduce the intake of sugar and starch, eat healthy, exercise and preferably combine 30 days with their own food supplement Oxytarm which cleanses the digestive tract. You could also combine your diet with joining an on-line weight-loss programme, that helps you to permanently change your eating habits and obtain a healthy, sustainable lifestyle, for example Tescodiets.com.

To avoid vitamin deficiencies you should combine 30 days with an efficient multivitamin pill.

Do you feel that 30 days is not for you? Check out our most popular diet pills: Proactol, DEcarb or Hoodia Patch, good luck!

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A good choice if you:

  • – Want a detox diet
  • – Don’t want to change the way you eat
  • – Prefer all-natural diet pills
  • – Want a scientifically proven effect
30 days
Combine 30 days with:

  • – Oxytarm
  • – Multivitamin pill
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