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Evolution CLA is a diet pill that focuses on transforming body fat into muscle tissue. The active ingredient of the diet pill is CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) which is a natural fatty acid found in beef and milk. Several studies have shown that an intake of CLA reduces body fat and increases muscle mass without the need to exercise or change the diet. It’s therefore used as a food supplement during exercise when you want to reduce the subcutaneous fat or lose weight in general.

Here you’ll find frequently asked questions & answers about the diet pill Evolution CLA: how they differ from other ways to lose weight, and their pros & cons. At the bottom of the page you can also leave reviews and read what others think about Evolution CLA.

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Frequently asked questions about Evolution CLA

CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) affects the body so that body fat is reduced and muscle mass increased. CLA redistributes body fat to muscle mass meaning the you won’t actually lose weight, but you’ll find a nice difference in your measurements. It can also counteract cardiovascular diseases. CLA has been proven to work very well on mice but in studies on humans it has had lesser, but still visible, results.

CLA is found naturally in beef and milk. The content of CLA in beef and milk gets higher if the cows eat grass instead of fodder. Today cattle eat more fodder than 100 years ago, which means that the levels of CLA in the meat and milk is lower than it used to be.

A few years ago, studies on mice revealed that CLA reduces body fat and increases muscle mass. In addition, CLA was anti-carcinogenic, meaning it could counteract cancer. The researchers were happy over the results and CLA started to sell in health shops. However, later studies, this time on human subjects, were not as convincing. A certain reduction in body fat could be shown, between 3-9%, but the reduction was not as big as in rats. In addition, a new study of overweight middle-aged men showed that CLA made their insulin resistance worse and increased the oxidative stress which could lead to diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Yes, CLA works, which has been proven in several independent studies. Studies made on mice showed that CLA worked really well, but on humans the results have been less significant. However, CLA has still been proven to lead to a loss of body fat, somewhere between 3 and 9 %. The test group in these studies didn’t lose weight, which means their muscle mass increased and the amount of body fat decreased.

Here are the results from some of the studies on CLA:

  1. A test group in Norway took 1.8 grams of CLA every day for three months. No one lost weight, but the CLA group lost 4% body fat compared to those taking a placebo.
  2. In one study the test group took 4.2 grams of CLA per day and they reduced their body fat by between 3 and 4%.
  3. In a study on 17 women taking 3.9 grams of CLA per day, none of them lost weight or body fat.
  4. In a study on mice, CLA was shown to counteract cancer and lead to a significant redistribution from fat to muscle.
  5. A study on very overweight men with metabolic syndrome showed that their insulin sensitivity worsened, while the oxidative stress and inflammatory bio markers increased, which could lead to diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

You can buy Evolution CLA straight from the manufacturer.
Evolution CLA redistributes body fat into muscle mass, which is an unusual way to work for a diet pill. It’s also completely natural as it’s found in beef, lamb and kangaroo.

There are however different kinds of diet pills. Popular pills increasing the fat burning processes are
– the more gentle: Lepigen X-strong and H.O.P.E,
– the more powerful (containing synephrine): Lepigen Superstrong,
– and the more long-term (containing wakame): Termoloss and Zenjaki (not sold in the UK at the moment).

There are also diet pills that block fat, or at least ensure the body cannot use all of it. These are: Proactol, Lipobind and H.O.P.E.

A third type of pills lower the Glycemic Index of the food. These are: DEcarb.

There are also diet pills (and patches) that suppress appetite, Hoodia Patch (Evolution), as well as those transforming fat into muscle, Evolution CLA.

The last type of diet pills cleanse the body through detox, and in that group we have 30 days.

A study of very overweight men with metabolic syndrome showed that CLA increases the oxidative stress by as much as though they had smoked a pack of cigarettes per day. High oxidative stress is a risk factor for getting cardiovascular diseases. In addition, their insulin sensitivity became worse, which is a step closer to getting diabetes. It’s however not known how CLA affects women, younger people and average weight people.
No other side-effects have been reported, but people under the age of 18, women who breast-feed or are pregnant should always be careful with food supplements.
You can eat whatever you want. One of the advantages of CLA is that you body fat will disappear without having to change your diet or habits. You will however get a better result if you start eating healthy and exercise.
That information could change – make sure that you have read the latest dosage information on the package before you start with Evolution CLA.
At the time of writing (August 28, 2012) a 90 capsule bottle costs £14.95 at Evolution Slimming.
No, you don’t have to exercise. One of the advantages of CLA is that you reduce your body fat without having to change your diet or habits. However, you might get a better result if you also exercise.
Since you don’t need to change your lifestyle to make CLA work, you only need to remember to take your pills, it’s easy to follow and will increase your chances of success.
CLA may redistribute body fat, but that’s all. You have to remember to eat healthy, not to over-eat or eat due to boredom or habit. To live healthy, eat well and exercise is something you should try and achieve in the long-run, not only to lose weight quickly. The disadvantage of a food supplement, such as CLA, is that it’s a short cut and you will lose the positive “side-effects” you get from a healthier lifestyle.
There is a risk of worsening insulin resistance and oxidative stress for overweight men.
It could eventually become expensive.
In the long run there’s a risk that when you stop using CLA your body fat will return if you haven’t changed you life-style and eating habits.
You get a bottle from www.evolution-slimming.com.
You could also combine Evolution CLA with joining an on-line weight-loss programme, that helps you to permanently change your eating habits and obtain a healthy, sustainable lifestyle, for example Tescodiets.com.

To avoid vitamin deficiencies you should combine Lepigen X-strong with an efficient multivitamin pill.

Do you feel that Evolution CLA is not for you? Check out other popular diet pills: Proactol, DEcarb or Hoodia Patch, good luck!

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Evolution CLA
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