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There are several Hoodia Patches on the market. This is a review of the Hoodia Patch sold by Evolution-Slimming.com.

The Evolution Slimming Hoodia Patch is a patch containing extract from Hoodia gordonii, an African plant suppressing appetite and sugar cravings. The effect of Hoodia gordonii has been proven in clinical studies.

Apart from Hoodia, the patch contains synephrine (an adrenaline-like substance) and Guarana which is a caffeine-rich cousin to the coffee bean.

Here you’ll find frequently asked questions & answers about Hoodia Patch (Evolution): how it differ from other ways to lose weight, and its pros & cons.

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Questions & Answers about Hoodia Patch (Evolution)

Hoodia Patch (sold by Evolution-Slimming.com) has three ingredients.

  1. Hoodia gordonii, is an extract from a cactus-like plant growing in the Kalahari desert. The plant has since long ago been used by the San people who chew the plant to suppress the appetite during long hunting trips. In the 30s Dutch anthropologists, who studied the San people, discovered these properties.
    It’s believed that the brain perceives the active substance in Hoodia gordonii in the same way as glucose – the brain will think you’ve just eaten, preventing you from feeling hungry for several hours.
  2. Synephrine (Citrus Aurantium), affects the body in a similar ways as adrenaline. It increases the metabolism, gives physical and mental energy, enhances the performance and suppresses the appetite. Many advantages, but there are also several disadvantages, such as increased blood pressure, risk of palpitations and sleeping difficulties.
  3. Guarana (Paullinia Cupana) is similar to the coffee bean but contains four times more caffeine.

All three ingredients work and their effects have been scientifically proven. The problem is however the combination of synephrine and Guarana since the effect of synephrine is boosted by caffeine. An already strong substance becomes even more potent and could give a big boost on weight loss or exercise performance – but the risk of side-effects increases. Since the side-effects of synephrine are already great, it could even become dangerous.

It’s unclear how much synephrine and Guarana the Hoodia Patch contains.

The most important ingredient in Hoodia Patch, Hoodia Gordonii, has been proven to work in clinical studies. In 2001, a group of overweight patients were given Hoodia pills and another group were given a placebo. The result showed that the patients taking Hoodia were much less hungry and ate about 1000 calories less per day compared to the group who received a placebo, even though both groups could eat as much as they wanted.

In the studies made, the test groups have been given Hoodia gordonii to ingest. I haven’t found any tests showing how well Hoodia patches work, where hoodia enters the body through the skin. Neither have I found any tests for Hoodia Patch (Evolution) in particular.

Synephrine is also proven to work. I have found at least two scientific studies showing test groups lost weight with synephrine.

It is also scientifically true that caffeine suppresses appetite and gives a slight weight loss.

The question is how big of an amount of hoodia, synephrine and caffeine the Hoodia Patch contains. I have not been able to find that information.

Hoodia Patch is sold by by Evolution-Slimming.com.
Hoodia Patch works by suppressing appetite and increasing the metabolic rate. There are however different kinds of diet products.

Popular pills increasing the fat burning processes are
– the more gentle: Lepigen X-strong and H.O.P.E,
– the more powerful (containing synephrine): Lepigen Superstrong,
– and the more long-term (containing wakame): Termoloss and Zenjaki (not sold in the UK at the moment).

There are also diet pills that block fat, or at least ensure the body cannot use all of it. These are: Proactol, Lipobind and H.O.P.E.

The third type of pills lower the Glycemic Index of the food. These are: DEcarb.

There are also diet pills (and patches) that suppress appetite, Hoodia Patch (Evolution), as well as those transforming fat into muscle, Evolution CLA.

The last type of diet pills cleanse the body through detox, and in that group we have 30 days.

Scientific tests show that Hoodia gordonii effectively suppresses appetite without any noticeable side-effects. It’s recommended to remember to eat and drink enough when using Hoodia – since appetite is partly suppressed it can be easy to forget. There haven’t been enough studies to guarantee 100% that Hoodia isn’t harmful for the body in any way.

Synephrine has a long list of possible side-effects, for example increased blood pressure and palpitations.

Both guarana and synephrine are stimulants, meaning sleeping problems could be a side-effect.

Combining the warnings for hoodia, synephrine and guarana you shouldn’t use Hoodia Patch if you have diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure, hemophilia, infections, enlarged prostate, mental problems, liver diseases, kidney diseases, sleeping problems or if you are pregnant or breast-feeding.

Do not combine Hoodia Patch with caffeine since it already contains caffeine.

The synephrine in Hoodia Patch must not be combined with alcohol or medicines.

Both Hoodia gordonii and synephrine suppress appetite. You should eat as you are used to, but eat smaller portions and not skip meals to avoid malnutrition. You should also take a multivitamin pill to make sure you get all the vitamins and minerals necessary to reduce the risk of food deficiencies.

To exercise is always good, but it’s not necessary for Hoodia Patch to work.

  1. Hoodia gordonii’s and synephrine’s have been proven effective in clinical tests so yes, they actually work.
  2. Compared to diet pills that only contain synephrine, Hoodia Patch combines the best of two worlds since it also contains Hoodia. Not only do you get extra energy and increase fat burning, you also become less hungry.
  3. To use Hoodia Patch for losing weight means no changes in your lifestyle, neither diet nor exercise. Since you can continue to eat as you normally do, this method is easy to follow.

  1. The combination of synephrine and caffeine could be dangerous since they enhance each others effects, both the positive and negative.
  2. You shouldn’t combine synephrine (one of the components in Hoodia Patch) with caffeine, alcohol or medicines – that could mean that you will need to change your habits slightly.
  3. Synephrine has several rather serious side-effects.
  4. If you don’t eat enough it will affect the body adversely; your body could enter starvation or you could get food deficiencies.
  5. It still hasn’t been proven that Hoodia lack long term side-effects.
  6. A possible disadvantage is that you might start to yo-yo diet. If you lose weight quickly without fundamentally learning to eat healthily, you will soon gain weight again.

Get a box from Evolution-Slimming.com and see if it works for you.
You could combine the patch with joining a weight loss club where you permanently learn to change your eating habits and get a healthy, sustainable lifestyle, for example Tescodiets.com.

To avoid vitamin deficiencies you should combine Hoodia Patch with an efficient multivitamin pill.

Do you feel that Hoodia Patch is not for you? Check out other popular diet products, such as Proactol, DEcarb or Hoodia Patch, good luck!

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Give it a go!

A good choice if you:

  • – Eat too much
  • – Don’t have time to exercise
  • – Have difficulties swallowing pills

Hoodia Patch
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  • – Multivitamin pill
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