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H.O.P.E diet pills work in two ways. Firstly, they ensure that the body cannot process all the calories it receives through food. This is achieved by up to 27% of the fat you eat continuing right through your body unabsorbed – making you lose weight. Secondly, it contains several herbs which boost the body’s fat burning processes, cleanse the body and give extra energy.

Here you’ll find frequently asked questions & answers about H.O.P.E diet pills, how they differ from other diet pills, and their pros & cons. At the bottom of the page you can leave a review and read what others have written about H.O.P.E.

H.O.P.E diet pills are not sold in the UK. Instead, check out other popular diet pills, such as Proactol, DEcarb or Hoodia Patch

Frequently asked questions about H.O.P.E


H.O.P.E contains several ingredients that should give a weight loss of 3-30 kilos, according to the manufacturer. This is achieved by ensuring the body gets less calories to burn, but also by ensuring that the body burns more calories than it does normally. How is this achieved? Well, there are two mechanisms at work here:

  • NeOpuntia®, which is the main ingredient of the H.O.P.E diet pill. It’s a patented extract that comes from the South American prickly pear cactus Opuntia Ficus Indica. The extract creates a sponge-like jelly in the stomach which absorbs fat and then ensures it leaves the natural way without being absorbed by the body. By getting less calories your body will need to use some of its fat reserves and you will lose weight. NeOpuntia® is an extract that has been developed in France and it’s used in diet pills worldwide. H.O.P.E is sold in Scandinavia and Germany.
  • To boost the body’s metabolism and therefore increase the calories and fat burnt several herbs are used: green tea, birch, field horsetail and nettles. The herbs lead to a higher metabolic rate but also have several positive “side-effects” such as giving you energy, cleansing the body from toxins, strengthening the immune system, helping the digestive system, enhancing the elasticity of the skin as well as having diuretic qualities and strengthening the skin, hair and nails.
  • Chromium is used to lower the blood glucose levels and therefore decrease sugar cravings.

A lot is promised and it’s hard to know how efficient the herbal mix really is. If we look at each of the ingredients separately we see that:

  1. H.O.P.E’s main ingredient NeOpuntia® binds the drops of fat that float in the stomach after a meal, creating a jelly that the body cannot break down. According to one study, NeOpuntia® absorbed 28% of the fat in the stomach, according to another it blocked 23% of the fat in the food and in another double-blind study the fat content in the stool increased by 27%. Therefore the effect of NeOpuntia® is proven.
  2. Regarding the rest of the ingredients, it’s true that they have been found healthy in different ways. It’s known that green tea contains antioxidants, increases the metabolism and helps the digestive system. Field horsetail, which works as a diuretic and contains silicon which is good for hair and nails, is an old household remedy. Nettle is good for the nails, can help improve the appearance of your skin, making it clearer and healthier and is diuretic. The effects of birch are not clearly proven.
  3. It is uncertain the last ingredient, chromium, will make you lose weight. There are no studies saying extra chromium will help you lose weight, unless you already have a lack of chromium which is very rare. Lack of chromium gives high blood glucose fluctuations and sugar cravings. Therefore it’s not 100% true that the chromium in H.O.P.E helps beat sugar cravings. However, studies have shown chromium has a positive effect on people with cardiovascular diseases.

As a summary you could say that ‘YES’, H.O.P.E will help you lose weight. NeOpuntia® ensures upto 27% of the fat you eat will pass straight through the body and the rest of the ingredients are good for the body in several other ways.

Presently, H.O.P.E is not sold in the UK. Instead, check out other popular diet pills, such as Proactol, DEcarb or Hoodia Patch.
H.O.P.E ensures the body doesn’t absorb all the fat you eat and therefore decreases the amount of calories that the body can use. At the same time it increases the metabolism ensuring the body burns more calories than normal. In addition to this, it’s a food supplement helping the body feel better and cleansing the system. Most other diet pills only have one function. There are however different kinds of diet pills.

Popular pills increasing the fat burning processes are
– the more gentle: Lepigen X-strong and H.O.P.E,
– the more powerful (containing synephrine): Lepigen Superstrong,
– and the more long-term (containing wakame): Termoloss and Zenjaki (not sold in the UK at the moment).

There are also diet pills that block fat, or at least ensure the body cannot use all of it. These are: Proactol, Lipobind and H.O.P.E.

A third type of pills lower the Glycemic Index of the food. These are: DEcarb.

There are also diet pills (and patches) that reduce hunger, Hoodia Patch (Evolution), as well as those transforming fat into muscle, Evolution CLA.

The last type of diet pills cleanse the body through detox, and in that group we have 30 days.

There are no proven side-effects of H.O.P.E. Women who breast-feed or are pregnant and people under the age of 18 should not use H.O.P.E or other diet pills. All of the herbal ingredients in H.O.P.E are common and have been used in food supplements for many years making the risk very low.
You can eat whatever you want. However, you will get a faster result if exercising and decreasing the fat in your diet.
You take 3 pills after the meal, with a maximum of 6 pills per day. Note that this information could change – make sure that you have read the latest dosage information on the package before you start with this diet pill.
Presently, H.O.P.E is not sold in the UK. Instead, check out other popular diet pills, such as Proactol, DEcarb or Hoodia Patch.
No, H.O.P.E contains gelatine and is therefore not suitable for vegetarians.
No, you don’t have to exercise. One of the advantages with a diet pill is that you lose weight without having to change your diet or habits, but you could lose weight faster if you exercise at the same time.

  1. The prickly pear cactus extract NeOpuntia® has proven effective in clinical studies, so H.O.P.E does work.
  2. As an addition you get a mix of healthy herbs with several positive effects on the body.

H.O.P.E is one of the ways to lose weight that doesn’t demand any changes in life-style, neither diet nor exercise. Therefore it’s easy to follow which increases the chances of success.

Field horsetail and nettle, two of the ingredients in H.O.P.E, are diuretic. They help cleanse the system, but when the body loses fluids it’s easy to think that the minus on the scales is a “real” weight loss. However, when you stop taking H.O.P.E you will get those pounds of fluids back real quick. H.O.P.E reduces fat absorption and increases the metabolism, but that’s all. You have to ensure that you eat a healthy diet, that you don’t eat too much and don’t eat out of habit or because you are bored or sad. To live healthy, eat well and exercise is something you should aim for in the long run, not just to lose weight quickly. The disadvantage of a weight loss pill such as H.O.P.E is that it’s a short-cut and you’ll miss the positive “side-effects” you get from a more healthy lifestyle.

Also, it could get expensive if you want to continue to lose weight using H.O.P.E for a long period of time.

Unless you change your eating habits you will slowly gain the weight that you lost using H.O.P.E.

Presently, H.O.P.E is not sold in the UK. Instead, check out other popular diet pills, such as Proactol, DEcarb or Hoodia Patch.
You could combine H.O.P.E with joining an on-line weight-loss programme, that helps you to permanently change your eating habits and obtain a healthy, sustainable lifestyle, for example Tescodiets.com.

To avoid vitamin deficiencies you should combine H.O.P.E with an efficient multivitamin pill.

Do you feel that H.O.P.E is not for you? Check out our most popular diet pills: Proactol, DEcarb or Hoodia Patch, good luck!

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  • – Multivitamin pill
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